From Chaos to Clarity
My view on how we can MASTER OUR ACTIONS.

Life gets busy and situations get complicated. Our biggest fear is not things coming to an end but expressing our truest selves. The outside world has a significant impact on how we live our lives, the choices we make, and the belief system we adopt. It clouds our truest selves which we trade to believe in what people have to say. It creates chaos in our lives and limits our belief system. We are born with social norms that rule our lives. We must pursue actions directed towards our inner purpose to gain clarity. It’s important to not let the fact that we don’t know what we’re doing stop us from taking the first step forward from doing anything. There’s something essential in the not-knowing. There’s chaos, and from that chaos, we learn to dive into the process of taking the first step forward directed towards actions aligned to our purpose. As much as we wish to escape, it’s through doing that we learn. Most of the beliefs that we carry are based on lie that doesn’t serve us anymore. It takes courage to reflect and break old patterns. We may not know it all when we start, but eventually, all falls into place as we act upon it.

TDo you find yourself stuck in emotional chatter in your head? You have a high paying job, but lack sense of fulfillment? We all have these thoughts from time to time and we choose to believe them. That keeps you stuck, playing small becomes your habit and you feel safe in not taking a stand for yourself. There are reasons backed with self-limiting beliefs that stop you from living the best life you deserve to live. That’s okay as it’s meant to be where you are in your life right now. For without all these experiences you won’t be where you truly deserve to be. None of it is wrong however transition from chaos to clarity is the first step forward and getting unstuck to create a life you love and to become the best version of yourself.

If doing the best means just hard work for you, you’ve got it all wrong. It means to do the best with your heart, mind, and soul and what you can do as an individual may tend to vary by situation and your current circumstances. Awareness, forgiveness, and action are the primary pillars that take us from where we are to where we want to be. It helps us dissolve our old patterns and be limitless. It makes it possible to create a life that we want, and we can truly have it. As you do this, you will enjoy the action itself more than the rewards associated with it. It’ll be the cause of your inner happiness and you shall experience fulfillment filled with joy.

Life coaching with Coach Tanya Mehra flows in such a way that you will find yourself floating along on your journey and get unstuck in your life. It’s the first step forward to free you, to fall in love with the process, accept yourself to do the best at every moment, and be limitless feeling fulfilled each moment. It helps you change the stagnant thoughts that keep you stuck in one place. As you dare to be happy and move from chaos to clarity- connect now and enjoy the ride!