What is Transformation Coaching? Is it different from Counselling?

Transformational coaching is the process of collaborating with someone to help them grow,Develop and eventually"rewrite their reality" via a big shift.the core principal of transformational coaching is that you will look at everything that might help you achieve your goal.it entials a comprehensive review of your life, including cultural identity,influences,and messaging that may either help or hinder major change.
Transformational Coaching is the process of moving you from A to B-
A is what is your current situation.the circumstances and situation that have appeared presently,to B
B is your objectives,what would you like to derive from the situations and circumstances.

Area of Expertise?


When you take up Coaching for Career,you realise your potential.These are some result of taking a career Coaching from Tanya Mehra.

  • Find out what you love to do.
  • Identity the fields of your interest.
  • Get the courage to do what you love.
  • Find a career that you were born to do.
  • Recognize why you are unhappy in your dream job.
  • Align your core values with your career to feel accomplish.
  • Overcome your fear of switching from one career to another.


When you take up Coaching for Relationship,you learn a lot about yourself as a person you also learn why you react to certain way.you realise your worthiness.These are some result of taking a Relationship Coaching from Tanya Mehra.

  • Understand your partner's language of Love
  • Find out what is missing in your relationship.
  • Become each other's support in times of covid.
  • Get full clarity of where your relationship is heading.
  • Overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by a long-distance relationship.
  • Develop a more fulfilling relationship that is full of care,concern,love,respect and mutual growth

Inner Wellbeing

If you are someone questioning your confidence,waiting to build and accept yourself,you must sign up for the coaching session.These are some result of taking a inner Wellbeing Coaching from Tanya Mehra.

  • Find your purpose.
  • Recognize your true potential.
  • Recognize areas of limiting beliefs.
  • Connect with what makes you truly happy.
  • Be more mindful your action
  • Exchange limiting beliefs with uplifting beliefs.
  • Find the love you're looking for outside of yourself.

How I Work ?

The transformational approach is a process where awareness,alignment,and action work together as co-equal catalysts to create energy and momentum around a topic.it involves Building an overall understanding of what oyu want to accomplish,but delves deeply into building awareness around any thoughts and thoughts and assumption that you may have about your topic.
Transformational Coacing With Tanya Mehra, work with your unconscious beliefs and programs that dominate your thinking,feeling and action.
Because each person is uniqe.i tailor my approach to ensure that you get the most out of your coaching sessions.

However,i always follow the following guidelines:

  1. I certainly don’t have all of the answer,but you certainly do! i can assist you in locating them.
  2. We are all diverse,one-of-a-kind individual for whom"one size does not fit all".as a result,I employ a variety of coaching strategies with my clients,knowing that what works for one individual may not work for another .My goal is to discover what works for one individual may not work for another.My goal is to discover what works best for you!
  3. We all are unique individual (I know, I said it already,but it is so true.).As a result,your thoughts,choices,or behaviours may differ from mine,which is fine. i provide a secure,private working environment for us, and i do not pass judgement on you.

I try to be as flexible as possible.