Above all,face reading is an ancient art of analyzing a person's character based o their facial features.Face reading is also known as physiognomy,which says that every facial feature such as narrow eyes,big nose,long chin,thick eyebrows,etc has a psychological meaning.

Similiarly,Merriam-Webster dictionary also defines physiognomy or face reading as the art of discovering temperament and character from outward appearance and also,the facial features held to show qualities of mind or character by their configuration or expression.
Therefore,face reading is also an essential skill that is taught to people who work in the domain of personality development and management.

How Face Readers Work?

1. Face finding - Finds a face using a Deep Learning based face finding algorithm

2. Face Modelling - Makes an accurate artificial face model using almost 500 key points.

3. Face classification - Classifies the expresions with artificial neural networks

These steps result in outcomes such as basic expresions,custom expresions,head orientation,gaze direction,valence and arousal,Action Units,heart rate and heart rate variability,and consumption behaviour

Why Face Reading With Tanya Mehra?

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with just the mere analysis of your facial features,you get information regarding your emotional makup, behavioural patterns and past traumas and phobias.i,as a professional face reader,will also reveal a lot of information on matters like love, marriage,relationship,career,job,business,children,education and family.

Face reading is a great medium to reconnect with your inner self and express yourself more confidently.you can ask me to explain to you the varoius techniques so that you may easily apply those in your daily life.Get in touch with me,today and know everything you want to know about your life and future by booking a face reading session.