Arya Nakashe - Aspiring Lawyer (Mumbai)

My experience with Transformational Coaching has been astounding and I am glad I signed up for this phenomenal experience of learning so much more about my own self. Tanya is very friendly and easy to speak with. There was no judgement throughout the session . My take away from all the sessions made me more self aware and mindful about all my choices and decisions, which was my main motivation for signing up for the session. A voice in my head, which I could sense fading, echoed louder, bringing back the clarity of thoughts I was seeking . Tanya was spot on with her methods and I'd vouch for her anydayy.

Mrs. Bedi (Canada)

In my experience, working with a coach can be a hit and a miss. A single trial session was enough to convince me that I had found the right person to help me untangle my thoughts and see the wood from the trees. Tanya's skills in asking probing questions made me dig deep in my subconscious mind. I am beginning to have clarity on the real reasons for my actions and inactions past and in the present. Building on this, Tanya made me look for the solutions within me and made me accountable to myself which is empowering. I have had another session since and look forward to more sessions in the future.

Denjel (Glasgow, UK)

When I booked an appointment for transformational coaching, I had no idea how impactful it was going to be for me. At that point, I was an individual with no sense of direction about how to move ahead in life. After the session, I realised that the answers I was looking for were within me, suppressed due to other emotions overwhelming my mind. It's a great thanks to Tanya Mehra and her sessions of transformational coaching that helped me find those answers and for helping me find motivation and a sense of direction in my life.

Sahil Hooda (Canada)

I've been attending transformational coaching sessions conducted by Tanya, and she has a unique style of going through the sessions. Initially, I was a bit confused about what transformational coaching was, but Tanya helped me understand what it was and how it was different from therapy. Through the sessions we've had, we've always focussed on the present and the future as opposed to dwelling on the past and that is an extremely positive way of communicating/coaching. I believe when you talk about the future and focus on it, you not only find answers but also recognise the clouded judgements or thoughts, clear them and give credit where it's due. It was possible for me because of the sessions I have had with Tanya! I strongly recommend her as she has had a very positive impact on my thought process and that has helped me stay focused on my goals!